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Do You Feel Anxious and Stressed a Lot of the Time?

Do You Struggle to Let Go of Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions?

Do You Experience a Lot of Conflict in Your Close Relationships?

Do You Battle to Go to Sleep and to Sleep Well Through the Night?

Are You Seeing a Mental Health Professional Regularly?

Do You Use Alcohol or Drugs to Help You Reduce Your Stress and Sleep?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these Questions, or maybe your physical and mental health are already pretty good, but you still want to improve your Quality of Life and Effectiveness, I'd like to help you. 

You've probaby heard about the benefits of Meditation, but you may not be doing it regularly or at all for one reason or another.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to help regular meditators Lower their Stress Levels and Improve their Health, Well-being, Quality of Life and Performance

I could go on about its benefits, but the benefits I've just mentioned alone should be enough to make you do it regularly. 

So why are you not doing it? 

I understand you're busy. You may have problems you're struggling to deal with. You may have kids who take up a lot of your time, or a demanding partner or business or job. 

But in the end, all these things are just an excuse for not doing what would help you to Deal with All Your Problems More Effectively, Enjoy Your Life a lot more AND Get Better Results in every area of your life. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming you. Our society is not set up to encourage people to spend time meditating. Quite the opposite in fact.

We're conditioned to believe that hard work and continuous busyness are the keys to success in life and business, and if we're not continuously busy, we're somehow not a worthwhile member of society. 

And of course, let's not forget the continuous pressure of having to earn money to support you and your family. 

Trust me, I know these pressures well. I have a family and I've experienced the stress that family life and lack of money can cause. 

But these are the very reasons you need to meditate. Meditation allows you to Escape from all the Stress and Find Peace of Mind no matter what's happening in your life for the time you're in meditation. 

Then, when you come back to your life, you don't feel the same way about your apparent problems because you are in a different state of mind. 

What's more, you can often get answers to your problems while you're in meditation. 

Again, I know this from personal experience. I've been meditating pretty much every day for over 20 years and its profoundly changed and improved my quality of life. 

Meditation has also helped me get through some very challenging times in which I could have spiralled down into depression and even psychosis, but it helped me let go of the darkness and find the Light in my own mind again. 

"So how does all this help me?" you're probably asking yourself about now. 

Well, I'd like to offer you a simple way to make meditation a regular part of your life so you can start experiencing the benefits of doing it for yourself. 

Every week day, i.e. Monday to Friday, I'm guiding people logging in to an online meditation room through two 20-minute meditation sessions.

The Morning Meditation starts at 8.30 am UK time (9.30 am SA time) and the Evening Session starts at 5 pm UK time (6 pm SA time). If you're in other parts of the world, that's 7.30 am and 4 pm GMT or UTC time, so you can work out your local time.

The morning meditation is an 8-Phase Abundance Meditation I've developed to help you harness the power of Relaxation, Forgiveness, Love & Compassion, Gratitude, Vision, Intention, Surrender and Anchoring to fundamentally change the quality of your daily experience and systematically transform your life.

The Evening Meditation will help you to Deeply Relax using a simple Breath Watching Technique and Let Go of Stress and Negativity that you may have accumulated during the day. It will refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body for the evening ahead and help you have a better evening. 

Curious to find out more about these meditations and how you can do them in the comfort of your own home or office?

Watch the Video below to hear an interview with someone who has done these meditations regularly for over 2 months to find out more about the profound Benefits (and allow me to introduce myself properly!)...

What People Are Saying About My Meditations:

"After meditation, I feel very relaxed and at ease whilst also full of energy and a keen sense of awareness."  
- Guy Daniels

"Through the practice of meditation, something I haven't done in a while, I realised what an important tool it is on our path. So I thank you for that gift." 
- Christian A.

"I think I had the best night's sleep I have had in a long time. Woke up refreshed and a willingness to start a new day. Thank you for the course - I am finding it most helpful." 
- Patricia Richards

"The model of daily meditation is a really good one, it gets everyone really engaged, and really helps to make you feel that you are completely immersed." 
- Mike  Farewell

"I think I had the best night's sleep I have had in a long time. Woke up refreshed and a willingness to start a new day. Thank you for the course I am finding it most helpful." 
- Patricia Richards

Are You Ready to Make Meditation a Regular Part of Your Day and Life?
Then Do Something About It Right Now!  


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