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Do You Feel Anxious and Stressed a Lot of the Time?

Do You Struggle to Let Go of Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions?

Do You Battle to Go to Sleep and to Sleep Well Through the Night?

Are You Seeing a Mental Health Professional Regularly?

Do You Use Alcohol or Drugs to Help You Reduce Your Stress and Sleep?

If you answered 'Yes' to Any of These Questions...


Keep Reading for More Information About the Simple, Cost-effective Solution to Your Problems that We'll Be Talking About on Thursday...

 A Six-week Stress-busting Course That Through Meditation, Breathing and Mind-training Techniques Will Teach You...

"How to Let Go of Any Stressful Thought or Emotion in Minutes, Sleep Better and Find Your Flow in Life Without Having To Spend a Fortune on Alcohol, Pills or Therapy Bills Ever Again..." 

“Peace - less anxiety, sleep better, I don't take pain killers anymore for stress headaches (really!), better relationships with my children, not as frightened or worried.” 
- Robyn B, Art of Letting Go Course Graduate
(about her life since doing the Course)

Next 90-minute FREE Webinar and
to the Course: 
Wednesday the 31st of July 2019 
@ 7 pm UK Time (8 pm SA Time)

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During the Webinar, you'll be guided through a TEN-STEP LETTING GO MEDITATION, you'll Learn THREE STRESS-BUSTING SECRETS AND you'll get 4 FREE BONUSES* when you Register:

  • A Subscription to an INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE & REFLECTION or LIFE HACK Delivered by Email 3x Per Week  
  • A Voucher Valued at £100 Entitling You to a Three-week FREE TRIAL OF THE ART OF LETTING GO  COURSE 

Presented by Jonathan Quail 
The Letting Go & Breath Coach

"(The coaching session) helped me release 'emotional baggage' I carried around for over 5 years! So for me it was life transforming for now & for the future… I also understand I have been the cause of my own pain… Thank you so much!"                                          
- Jothie H, Coaching Client

The THREE STRESS-BUSTING SECRETS you'll learn during the Free Webinar:

SECRET #1: The Key to Authentic Happiness

SECRET #2: The Key to Fulfilling Flow
SECRET #3: The Key to True Success

"Excellent presentation..." 
- Craig Morrison, Art of Letting Go Webinar Attendee

"This is really powerful... and very valuable! Thank you."
- Wilhelm Odendaal, Art of Letting Go Webinar Attendee

"That was a very comprehensive session - you certainly offer something of great substance."
- Yvonne Blossom, Art of Letting Go Webinar Attendee and Founder
of Biosil, an alternative health products company

To Book Your Place for the FREE Webinar and Get Instant Access to both the TWO-STEP and TEN-STEP LETTING GO PROCESS and Your FREE TRIAL VOUCHER WORTH £100, Click the Button Below...

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